With the recent opening of Jewel Changi last month, numerous F&B and retail stores have been in the limelight, as with the influx of related posts on social media.

You’ve had enough of that, I’ve had enough of that – I assure you this article has nothing to do with the S$1.7 billion Jewel.

But It Has Something To Do With American Food

America is home to a lot of cool stuff, famous people and mouthwatering delicacies.

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Speaking of food, you can’t not talk about the highly raved fast-food restaurants which are located exclusively there.

I keep up with a few YouTubers from America and each time they visit a well-known fast food joint like In-N-Out, I’d have to brace myself for some serious burger craving because everything on the menu is too enticing. That’s right, the closest I’ll ever get to eating them is through a computer screen.

Like Five Guys Burger.

Five Guys Burger said to be entering Singapore’s waters

Obviously, you’ve heard of Shake Shack, A&W, and the oldies-but-goldies i.e. McDonald’s and Burger King, but wait till you hear what’s possibly coming your way.

Five Guys Burger – that’s what is.

Image: Jerry Huddleston

According to 8 DAYS, Singapore is said to be welcoming another American burger chain, Five Guys Burger. Likewise, the joint will be opening its doors to Malaysia.

Of course, this is according to a “trustworthy source” so things are still 50-50, but hey, if it’s more than a rumour, they’ll be opening shop here in the last quarter of 2019.

This will be Five Guys’ second and third outlet in Asia, after their first in Hong Kong.

All you need to know about Five Guys Burger

Along with their parents Janie and Jerry, Five Guys Burger was founded in 1986 by five siblings. “Five Guys” originally referred to the four sons (Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben) and their father, before the family welcomed their youngest sibling, Tyler.

Image: SmartCEO

When they were younger, Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben were presented with two options – start a business or attend college, and the rest is history. The family business started off with handmade burgers and freshly cut fries under the supervision of Janie and Jerry.

Since 2003, the burger chain has been expanding and leaving its mark across the world, one burger at a time.

So What Makes The Five Guys So Special?

Other than the guys’ good looks, it’s their food that makes them stand out from the rest.

In addition to burgers and fries, Five Guys offer hot dogs, sandwiches, soft drinks and milkshakes. Burgers are burgers but what sets this chain apart from competitors is:

  1. Their burger buns are sweeter and contain more eggs
  2. Customers have the option of adding bacon to their milkshake
  3. Servings are generally larger
  4. Free roasted peanuts are available for customers to consume

In the event that dreams come true, pigs fly and Five Guys actually settles down in Singapore, here’s a review of the food at the burger chain in comparison to Shake Shack to prep your palate.

“Presidential Endorsement”

Fun fact: Five Guys has a strong cult-following which includes President Obama who patronized the joint back in 2009 to get food for his employees.

Image: Evening Standard

Can’t wait to try Five Guys for yourself? If you’re in Hong Kong anytime soon, you can head over to their outlet which is located at 60 Johnston Road in Wan Chai!

If not, you can wait like the rest of us mortals and hope 8 Days’ source doesn’t let us down.

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